Interoperability for Hyler with the ATLAS platform

Monday, August 29, 2022
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For Hyler, a Belgian manufacturer of harvesting machines for flax and hemp, we developed an API that interoperates with the ATLAS platform. ATLAS is an open interoperability network for agricultural applications.

For this project, the collected data from the harvesters' sensors is presented as an API that can be accessed via the ATLAS platform. Once the user is authenticated, the FMIS can be linked to the API. The machine data can then be retrieved using a predefined programmatical contract.
The API also allows the external application to subscribe to events, so that alerts are sent every time new data is available.

If the FMIS is linked to the Hyler API, the yield data of the fields can also be sent automatically to the FMIS. From a technical point of view, TRI-S generates a geopackage containing the yield information. This information is then processed by the FMIS.

TRI-S built 2 applications: an administrative backend, allowing Hyler personnel to manage the harvesters and users in the platform. For the farmer, a mobile application was created to track the harvesters and to start and complete harvesting "tasks". Upon completion of the harvesting task, the yield information is sent to the FMIS. An integration with Auth0 was added to secure both applications.