Développement d'une architecture C# pour Potteau Labo

vendredi 31 août 2018
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High-level software architecture High-level software architecture

Potteau Labo, a manufacturer of (laboratory) furniture in Heule, is developing some of his software internally by in-house developers. For the development of their new application, they requested TRI-S to build a C# framework, so as to be sure to start with an architecture that corresponds to the best practices.

The framework includes a custom-built workflow engine for the handling of a number of processes where files are generated, data is read and written, reports are printed, etc... and the Workflow Foundation of Microsoft was too cumbersome to implement. The base application is a 3-tier architecture with a webservice on the server-side and a WPF client. Dependency-Injection is implemented with Unity, NHibernate is used for the data layer.

For the WPF frontend and for the reporting, the DevExpress components were used.

Potteau Labo has received all source code, along with a couple of days of training to make sure the developers understand the framework and the used technologies.