Développement d'un outil de recherche d'actions

dimanche 5 août 2018
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Stock screener list view (mobile) Stock screener list view (mobile)
Stock screener company detail Stock screener company detail

TRI-S developed a new stock screener for Serendipity Ventures UG. The stock screener allows to filter more than 20.000 securities on multiple facets, to determine which ones you want to invest in. The factors can be based purely on profitability or rather on personal preference (based on area of activity or country, for example).
For each security, a detailed view is available offering more in-depth data and charts.

In the main grid of the screener it is possible to build filters and watchlists and save them. It is also possible to search for a specific security. In the grid itself, the columns can be moved and hidden/shown. The rows can be groeped, sorted and filtered too. The user can save the layout of the grid and restore it at a later time. This way, the user can build his/her own library of filters and list layouts.

Serendipity Ventures UG is a limited liability company incorporated in Germany. For more information, visit their website.

The screener was developed using Angular on the front-end and .NET C# on the server-side. The screener is responsive meaning it can adapt itself to different form factors.